idk if people realize this, but one direction are 19-21 year olds who are still growing up and going to say stupid shit. no, i’m not saying what they’re saying is always rainbows and right, but they get so much shit from fans and fans act like they’ve never said something that was accidentally turned and viewed in another way. it’s so annoying that a 50 year old man can call liam names and not even have the balls to mention him on twitter, but liam can’t stand up for himself. boy george was fucking rude to liam. he didn’t just say “liam was rude and i didn’t get a picture” he kept fucking giving liam shit and insulting him and liam was probably annoyed that the douche didn’t even know his name and wanted niall, but then got pissy because he didn’t get his precious photo with liam and his niece. i’m not saying that liam is perfect and i’m not saying that what he does is okay all the time, but if boy george wasn’t such a little pissy bitch and go on twitter to fucking complain about liam, liam wouldn’t have said anything. none of these boys can fucking do anything without their own fans jumping down their throat and telling them they made a human flaw.

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